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Online Theological Resources
Posted on 29 December, 2015


by Nathan Busenitz

When it comes to Bible software, I use Logos more than anything else (though I know 

Check Out Our Links Page
Posted on 20 April, 2015

We invite you to check out our "links" page with many interesting resources located on other sites. These include:

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Is Arminianism Reformed?
Posted on 25 March, 2015

Does the Arminian Theological Viewpoint Have a Significant Bearing on a Christian Worldview?
Posted on 12 March, 2015

Does the Arminian theological viewpoint have a significant bearing on a Christian worldview?  In one sense, a totally Christian, Biblical worldview stands apart from,  and is not tied to a particular theological position, assuming that the theological position held is Biblical, compr...

Reformation (Classical) Arminian Theological Position and Evangelism
Posted on 12 March, 2015


The people who adhere to the Reformation Arminian theological position hold to the belief that God is sovereign, creator and sustainer of all that is outside Himself.  God is omniscient, omnipotent and is not and can not be subordinate to any force or any of His creation...